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Full of fire

Full of fire

About us

Many people think ‘Ardens' was named after its founder. Actually the word has a special meaning. Ardens is Latin for ‘full of fire': the way we like to work.


The Ardens approach is business-like and pragmatic. The quality of our courses and advice is demonstrated by their long-term efficacy. With the right training or advice behind you, there's no reason to cover the same ground in future. But people don't simply need advising on which action to take; they need to realise why that action is necessary. And, armed with this knowledge, they will be able to take the right steps in future, also in other situations.

Trainers and consultants

Besides a thorough grasp and knowledge of group processes and human behaviour, the Ardens Group trainers and consultantshave extensive experience of organisation development and business processes.

All our trainers and consultants are university graduates with at least 5 years' relevant job experience. As well as working for Ardens Group, a number of advisers teach at one or several universities. We do not work with junior consultants or junior trainers.

The trainer/consultant responsible for carrying out the assignment will always be present during the initial needs assessment. We also guarantee that the same trainer/consultant will perform any follow-up assignment. The Ardens Group trainers also include the authors of the books ‘A comprehensive introduction to communication' and ‘The comprehensive guide to speaking in public'.

No Cure No Pay

At Ardens Group, we guarantee the quality of our work. Before the training begins, we make agreements with you about the end result. If you are not satisfied with our service we will not charge a fee.